Caring for Children

Feeding Centers - Medical Mercy - Backpacks

Feeding Centers

The Sowers4Pastors’ feeding centers provide highly nourishing meals, twice each week, to 14,000 children in 150 locations throughout western Honduras. 

The special meals we import provide the vitamins and minerals needed to stave off malnutrition in children whose diets include a very limited variety of foods. During the COVID-19 lockdown imposed by the Honduran government, S4P saw a significant increase in food instability in the communities they serve, increasing the amount of food distributed. The ministry was grateful for the opportunity to respond and help the families that were struggling during that time. Thankfully, as of January 2022, the need has returned almost to pre-pandemic levels. 

Each feeding center is run through a local evangelical church, as an outreach to their own community. Pastors and members of the congregation volunteer to prepare the food, provide the location, serve the children, and present a Bible lesson. Sowers4Pastors provides the food to these pastors, and also maintains a system of record keeping for accountability.

Medical Mercy Projects

Frequently, we have the opportunity to change a person's life, through helping them get needed medical care

Backpack Project

Education through the sixth grade is free in Honduras and available in most locations, but many families are unable to afford the cost of the required school supplies and shoes, for their children to attend school. (Middle schools and high schools are also free, but aren't available in many locations, so that adds the cost of transportation and potentially lodging, for many children to attend.) Each year, Sowers4pastors purchases backpacks in bulk, and donors from across the U.S. fill the backpacks with pencils, pens, notebooks, scissors, etc.

Backpacks full of school supplies and toiletries are distributed to children through the sister church sponsorship programs, and are also presented as gifts to the children of the pastors with whom we work. Additionally, as supplies are sufficient, we also give out backpacks in other communities where we don't  run a sponsorship program.