Our Team

We are thrilled to introduce you to our missionary and pastor staff, which consists of Hondurans and North Americans. Since our goal is empowering Honduran pastors and missionaries, one of the ways we live this mission is having Honduran pastors and missionaries as part of our permanent staff! We are very grateful to have staff who know the culture well and who can interact with the people we minister to without the same barriers North Americans sometimes face. 

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Brandy & Rachel 

Brandy and Rachel serve as the Field Directors for the ministry. Rachel is Allen and Trish's middle daughter and has worked in ministry almost her whole life. Brandy is Honduran and served many years in the Honduran Airforce, attaining the rank of Captain. Together, they keep things running on the ground, supervising the Honduran staff, coordinating teams, and always thinking about how the different projects can better glorify God. They have four children: Nathan, Michael, Levi and Charlotte.

Allen & Trish

Allen and Trish Sowers began working in Honduras in 2001 and they founded Sowers4Pastors in 2017. Always searching for ways to make each donated dollar do the most it can for the Kingdom, the Sowers family has felt called to center their efforts on supporting and empowering the work of Honduran missionaries, evangelists, and pastors. All of the various ministry work they undertake focuses on this. They have six grown children and many, many adorable grandchildren.

Alejandro & Secia

Alejandro and Secia are responsible for administration, communication, and accountability in the sponsorship programs in Honduras.  They also help with the short-term mission teams. They are both Honduran, and previously worked for many years as pastors in a large church in Tegus, the capital of Honduras. They have two children, Ethan and Ester.


Esdras teaches in the sponsorship programs, and is in charge of several different pastor empowerment projects such as motorcycles for pastors and the general feeding program.  He also helps out with visiting teams and with the backpack trip. He has a background in youth ministry. He is originally from Tegus, the capital of Honduras, and is in seminary for his master’s degree.  

Mary Faith

Mary Faith was born in PA and grew up mostly in Ohio, in a large family with 8 siblings. From a young age, she felt called into missions, though for many years she was occupied with raising and homeschooling her three sons. Now that they are grown, the doors into missions have been opened. She has been to Mexico, Ghana, Kenya and Trinidad on short mission trips and is excited that God is opening doors for her to become involved more long term in Honduras. She works on the administration aspects of the ministry, helping keep the children's profiles and sponsors' info up to date.

Kirstin (Kay)

Kirstin, also known as Kay, is Allen and Trish's oldest child, and joined the ministry officially in January of 2020. After attending college and working as a nurse in the States for many years, she felt called to return to Honduras to serve. She prefers to handle paperwork and fill other behind-the-scenes needs, but also helps out with hosting teams and ministry work as needed.