Allen & Trish Sowers Support

Bridge Construction Projects

The mountainous and tropical country of Honduras has some specific infrastructure challenges. The steep slopes and heavy rains create situations where bridges are required, in order for people to access many parts of the m...

Child Sponsorship Programs

Church Construction Projects

Sowers4Pastors helps pastors and their congregations when it’s time for them to build a church building. Our policy is to help specifically with the cost of putting on the roof. Because most of the churches in the mountain...

Disaster Response - Covid and Hurricane Eta

Feeding Center Program

As of June 2017, the Sowers4Pastors’ feeding centers provide highly nourishing meals, twice each week, to 14,000 children in 150 locations throughout western Honduras. The special meals we import provide the vitamins and m...

Hall Family Support

Kirstin Sowers

Medical Mercy Projects

Motorcycles and Horses for Pastors

Pastors working in the mountains of western Honduras generally lead multiple small congregations in different villages. Upgraded transportation – which is to say, something better than walking – improves their ability to s...

Pastor Training School


Russell & Iris Sowers Support