Learn about our sponsorship programs


Sowers4Pastors administrates two different types of sponsorship programs:

                           1.) The Manna 4 Lempira program 
                           2.) The Sister Church Sponsorship Programs (there are 5 of these)

Manna 4 Lempira is the general program. Children in 4 locations - Mercedes, Tablon, Betania, and Quelacasque - are available for anyone to sponsor. Those are the children you see if you go through the page on this website, and set up a sponsorship for one of the children available there. 

The Sister Church programs involve a specific church or group of churches in the U.S. sponsoring children from one specific location in Honduras. The children in these programs are NOT available through this website - these sponsorships are set up through communications with the related churches.

IMPORTANT: If you are wanting to sponsor a child through a program that is specific to one of the sister churches - Edgewater Alliance Church in FL, Fredericktowne Baptist Church in MD, Life Community Church in OH, Lighthouse Church in MD, or the Seattle area program - you should NOT choose a child from the Manna Program! Please pay attention to the chart below, and identify which sponsorship program is the correct one for you! If you're wanting to choose a child from a sister church program, contact the administrator of that program. Those contacts can be found on the Sister Church Sponsorships page of this website. 

* Scroll to the bottom of the page if you'd like to learn the reason why we have separate sister church programs.



 Details about our sponsorship programs, including cost to sponsor
and benefits for the children, can be found in the following videos:






* The sister church programs have certain logistical benefits. The sponsorship program locations in Honduras are in widely separated areas, often requiring several hours of rough driving to get from one location to another. When sponsors come down to visit, it is helpful if all of the sponsors coming together are wanting to visit children from the same sponsorship location. So, for example, when sponsors from Lighthouse Church come down together on a team, they are all wanting to visit children in the vicinity of Crucitas - they aren't also trying to visit Betania or Tablon, etc. 

Also, all of the letters written by the sponsors involved in a sister church program are turned in at their local church, to be sent in one package to Honduras, and the letters written by the Honduran children in that program are sent to the related church, for distribution to the sponsors. 

These benefits stop being benefits, and start being problems, if people unrelated to the U.S. church start sponsoring children in that church's program.