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We actually helped the local radio station with three different projects. The first project, helping build a residence for a full-time watchman, has already been explained, in Part 1.

The equipment to broadcast the radio programs needs to be kept cool, which is challenging and expensive during some parts of the year here! Allen and Russell looked into economical solutions for this problem. 

We arranged to have insulation installed in the ceiling of the radio station building. This may seem like a no-brainer to our US friends, but insulation is rarely used in buildings here! Hopefully this will help keep the equipment cool enough, and decrease the need for costly air conditioning. 

The final project was on the radio station property, but not directly for the radio station. Shannon wanted to install a large fish pond, to increase the sustainability of his ministry (similar to what we’re doing by planting coffee). Some of the fish harvested from the pond will be sold, and some will be used directly in Shannon’s feeding ministry.

The first step in the process was to dig the holes! Russell acted as the contractor/supervisor for this project, hiring the bull dozer and operator, and making sure that the work was done in a timely and cost effective manner, and that Shannon ended up with what was needed, in the right place! 

I want you to know that, although I’ve referred to this as “a project we’ve been helping with,” in fact, this was Russell’s project. Allen and I were involved here and there, but Russell was in charge.

As Allen and I get to the stage where we are starting to talk about what we will do when we’re too old to continue ministering as we have been, it’s such a blessing to know that two of our children, and their spouses, are already committed to carrying on the work of spreading the good news here in Honduras!