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Before you know it, we’re going to have a ROOF on our new house! I’m so excited! The men have worked hard on this house, but only during the lulls between other, ministry-related construction projects, so it’s been a slow process. We’ve been living on the property, in our bodega/warehouse, for five and a half years now  – it really is time for us to have a house, and amenities like interior walls!

The lumber for the roof was purchased back in August of last year, and has been sitting out drying (and getting rained on, and drying again) all this time.

Off and on, when they’ve had time over the past couple of months, the men have worked on planing the rough lumber. Once a large enough pile of planed boards was ready, they started staining them.

Gradually we are amassing a pile of dried, planed, bug-treated, stained boards. These will be the rafters of our roof, and will be visible from inside the house, as part of the ceiling.

The photo below is the ceiling of the “team house”. . . which is similar to the ceiling which will be in our home, except that we’re planning to whitewash the flat boards, and just have the support beams stained. 
The house will have porches in front and back, so we have wooden posts for porch roof supports:

If you’re good with your imagination, you can look at these photos of the house, and imagine what it will look like with a ROOF and covered porches.

Back porch-to-be
Front of house (porch will be on the left)

So, there you go! A ROOF in the making!!!!