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We appreciate everyone who helps us create gifts for the Gifts for Gracias project every year – those who put together a gift for a boy or girl of a specific age, or a family gift (which blesses the parents as well), those who send bulk items we use to create additional gifts, and the people who collect and donate used clothing and bedding in good condition, which are valued parts of the entire gift package – but I think you’ll agree with me that this donation is something unusually special!

Meet Jules – a long time friend of mine, even though we’ve never actually been in the same place at the same time. We connected through an online homeschooling forum more than a dozen years ago. Jules is a quilter – she pieces and quilts lovely items herself, and also does quilting for others, as a business. This year, she decided to do something extra-special for her donation to the Gifts for Gracias project . . . but I’ll let you read the details in her own words from her blog. 

This year when I saw blankets as a need on the list and saw what a blanket costs (when did I buy a blanket last???), I figured I had fabric, I’d make quilts for part of my box.  I officially took off the week of Thanksgiving from customer work and spent my quilting time making quilts for an unknown loved one in a faraway land.  It was so fun to make from what I had and be able to do whatever I wanted.  I ended up playing quite a bit with my quilting.  Midst the work, my mind prayed for the Sowers family and those that will receive my meager gifts … read more here

Click on this photo for a close-up on the amazing detail in the stitching!

Head on over to Jules’ blog, And Sew On . . . , to see the quilts she made for us. I’m so excited for the opportunity to give these lovely gifts away this year!