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Note: I wrote this earlier, but couldn’t post it until now, because of my internet problems. 

What a full week we’ve had here!

Monday (Sept 8) was the day planned for the big surprise baby shower, for Russell’s wife, Iris. Because I needed to purchase a shower gift and also a strawberry cake mix (my job was baking chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry cupcakes for the event) I drove down to the city of Gracias on Saturday.

Sometime during the night on Saturday I started running a fairly high fever. It got worse on Sunday, and was STILL so bad on Monday that I knew I wouldn’t be able to attend the shower.

Part of the plan for the surprise involved getting Iris out of the way for a few hours late Monday afternoon, so an appointment for a checkup with her obstetrician had been scheduled for that time. However, late in the game, the appointment was cancelled, because the doctor had had to go out of the country for a brief time!

I was pretty out-of-it at that point, so I don’t know all that transpired, but somehow it was arranged for Iris to see a different obstetrician at the same appointment time. Phew. BUT – at the checkup, the OB found indications that Iris was starting into the dreaded condition known as toxemia. This is extremely dangerous, but can be safely managed, with extensive nursing care. For Iris, only three weeks from her due date, the decision was made to deliver the baby immediately!

When Russell had a moment to speak privately with the doctor, he explained that there was a room full of 50 people at that very moment waiting to surprise Iris with a baby shower! The doctor agreed to give Iris some medications to help keep her condition under control, and said that Iris could attend the shower and they would deliver the baby FIRST thing in the morning – and of course, that Iris was to be as still and quiet as possible until then.

So, that’s what happened! Before the sun was up the next morning, they were checking into the Clinica San Lucas in Gracias, which has a wonderful option for expectant mothers. Iris delivered the baby there and then had a private room with a private nurse, for two days. While it’s more expensive than the public hospital, it’s also cleaner and quieter, with a higher level of care.

The delivery was uneventful, and little Russell Lee Sowers, Jr, arrived on the scene right around 7am, weighing in at 7 pounds, 2 ounces – which is a nice weight for three weeks early!

Unfortunately, I was sick with a fever the day Russellito was born, and I had to wait an excruciating amount of time – an entire day – until I could go and visit him, wearing a mask, just in case.

I assure you that in the weeks since his birth, I’ve made up for this delay. This week I even got to change a poopy diaper! I am one lucky grandmother!!!!!