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Sickness and busyness has intervened, but I’m back now, to share the rest of the story about the La Flores bridge project. LOTS of photos in this post!

If you missed it, here is the link to Part 1.

There was much to be done in the final week before the ceremony:

Street lights were installed at each end of the bridge.

The bomberos (firemen) came out to hose all of the sand, gravel, and debris off the bridge.

All of the tools, equipment, and extra supplies which had been kept on site for the project had to be picked up, packed up, and loaded onto a large truck.

The bridge was painted sky blue and white (the colors of the Honduran flag).
Completed paint job . . . this photo was taken during the opening ceremony. 
Because the new bridge was built beside the old one, and not in the exact same location, the road was moved just a bit closer to this house, and the new road level is higher. To help protect the buildings from water runoff and eroding dirt, a small retaining wall was built between the house and the road.
In spite of all the work, there was still time for some fun with the crew:

Even though Allen is feeling his age these days, the young guys still can’t take him in arm wrestling!

Allen and Russell held a barbecue the final day the entire crew worked on the bridge. Although some of the guys are our regular work crew who’ve been with us on multiple projects, others were local to this bridge project, and became regulars just for the duration of this job. The barbecue was a sort of farewell event for the extended crew.

Part 3 . . . when I get to it . . . the Grand Opening Ceremony!