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Here’s an update on how you can be praying for us right now!

Since late last week, we have not had cell phone service in the city of Gracias and the surrounding area. This is part of a new anti-crime law, which has required the cell phone providers to block cellular service from all of the prisons in Honduras. As the new system is being put into place, there is no cell phone signal in our area. Occasionally texts go through, and down in Gracias people are able to connect to the internet with their phones.

This situation is expected to last approximately a week.

With the communications down, any travel becomes a bit more precarious than usual. Simple day-to-day things, like Russell needing us to bring a certain tool into town, or arranging for Ben to have a play date with a friend, are vastly more complicated. And important ministry-related phone calls which Allen needs to make, including arranging for the shipping of the upcoming container, are not happening right now. We’re making do with Facebook messages and emails . . . and tomorrow I believe Allen is planning a trip outside of our no-service area, to make some calls!

Please do pray for us, as this complication has the potential to add new dangers to our lives, as well as being a real nuisance!