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I’ve received a few requests for more information about Rachel’s apartment and her lack-of-water situation. First, the photos. Above is Rachel, making the first meal she and Brandy ate in their own home as a married couple. They didn’t have a stove yet, at this point in time! Behind her is the exterior door, and in front of her is the little kitchen area. The whole apartment is 250 sq.ft., including the bathroom.

Here are Rachel and Brandy (he’s the one taking the picture) sitting on their mattress, eating their meal, before Russell delivered the bed Rachel made. To the right in the picture is the wall of the bathroom, which is cut out of a corner of the rectangle that makes up the whole apartment.

In this picture you can sort of see Rachel’s little kitchen area. That’s all the counter space, and there aren’t any cabinets. This sort of kitchen is pretty common in Honduras. When you rent a house or apartment here, the appliances are rarely included, so Brandy and Rachel purchased a stove and refrigerator. 

Rachel’s new stove runs on propane, but the gas sold in Honduras is slightly different, and ovens and stoves sometimes require some extra parts and adjustments to work with this type of gas. Rachel is looking sad in this photo because she can’t use her oven yet. Some of you know how Rachel LOVES to bake!

Rachel seems happier with her fridge. All you have to do to make it work is to plug it in!

You’d be standing in the kitchen, to see this view. The wall of bathroom which doesn’t face the bed has the stove and refrigerator up against it. You can see their little table, with two chairs, to the right, as well as their clothing storage shelf.
And that’s about it for the layout of Brandy and Rachel’s apartment. Just for fun, I posted a photo of Rachel and Brandy (along with some other people I don’t know) at an event at the officer’s club.

This post is long enough now, with all of these photos, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for the explanation about the water – or the LACK of water.