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Lots of people are impressed with how difficult our lives are, as we live and work in Honduras. And, yeah, if you compare to the average suburbanite in the US, we’re living a pretty rough lifestyle involving lots of extra work just to get through the regular housework, let alone the added difficulties involved in our ministry work, schoolwork, travel, health care, security, etc.

But . . . we don’t compare in that way. We compare our lives to the Hondurans who live in the mountains around Gracias. When we look in that direction, it’s sort of embarrassing to complain about having to do so many things the “hard way.” Some photos might show you how ridiculous my complaints sound:

I’m annoyed at how I have to wait until we have enough power coming in, before I can run the washing machine or the dishwasher.
It’s so hard, keeping our older vehicles in safe running condition, especially with such really rough roads here.
I miss those convenience foods I used to be able to get in the grocery stores in the states!
Cooking and baking are such difficult and unending chores (in my thermostat controlled gas oven). I wish we could go out for some fast food once in a while!
My housework would be so much easier if my house was truly big enough for the size of my family!

If you find yourself thinking about how much more difficult my life is than yours, and are impressed with how much HARDER are the lives of these Hondurans . . . consider helping us make life one little bit easier and nicer for the Honduran pastors and their families with whom we work. Get involved with the Gifts for Gracias project – it’s happening NOW!!!!!

Click the following link for info on how you can help: