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I started going out and walking everyday, for exercise, a few months before Rachel’s wedding. After the kidnapping I completely stopped doing a lot of things I had been doing, and this included the daily walks.

Now that I’m back home again, I’ve started the daily walks back up. They’re still good exercise, but I also appreciate having the time alone, to think, and pray, and sometimes cry, when that seems to be the thing I need to do.

Because our house is located at the top of a very large hill, any direction you take from the house goes downhill, and the return trip is uphill. It’s difficult, having the most strenuous part of the walk at the end, when I’m most tired, but that’s just the way it is. Yesterday, the kids went partway down the hill and hung a hammock for me, so that I have a place where I can rest in the middle of my walk. It’s also a nice place to sit and think and pray, and the views from the hammock are exceptional!

I took a camera with me yesterday, so I could show you a bit of my walk. Sorry some of the view photos aren’t that great – it was right at sunset, with the sun shining right over the tops of the mountains, and some of the photos are washed out as a result of this (and as a result of my not taking enough time with the pictures).

Heading off into the woods . . .

I have a large number of canine walking companions. They make me feel very safe as I head off into the woods!

Starting to head downhill now . . .

Arriving at the hammock!

One of the lovely views from the hammock!

Another view from the hammock, in a different direction.

Here’s a different view from the hammock! That’s my puppy, Duke. He likes to keep an eye on me, and make sure I’m doing all right. He worries about me – you can probably tell. LOL