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Thanks to everyone who has read and commented on Ben’s kidnapping story. It has blessed me to see how very many people have been touched by it! 

It has been a month now, since these events happened. I can’t say things are back to normal, especially since I’m in the US right now and the rest of the family is in Honduras, but life is certainly in the process of “normalizing.” I still think about the kidnapping every day, and get suddenly weepy-eyed at unexpected moments, which isn’t like me. Ben, I’m told, continues to do great with all of this. He’s a tough little guy – he’s already had to process a lot of “stuff” at a younger age than anyone would have liked for him – and he’s handling this as well. When I meet with a counselor (next week) about how to mentally and emotionally process the kidnapping in a healthy manner myself, I’ll also be getting suggestions on how I can be of help to Ben in this area, when I’m back home with him again.

Here at the blog, I still have around a hundred people visiting every day to read Ben’s story. The odd thing is that usually I get information, on my statistics page, telling me where visitors are finding a link to my blog . . . but currently I rarely get any indication of a link. I am wondering if the story is being passed about by email, or if there is some other way it’s making the rounds. Finally, I got curious enough to just ask here on the blog! So, if you’ve come here specifically for the purpose of reading the story of my son’s kidnapping, would you mind responding in the comments section to this question: How did you happen to find your way here? I’d sure appreciate it!

And, we’d still love to have you praying for us, as we get through the aftermath of this experience – especially early next week, when I will actually be attending counseling! Thanks so much! Now I’m off to munch on a bagel (one of the perks of being in the US for a few weeks, LOL)!