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With the timing of the kidnapping, the days when we would likely have wanted to sit back and just enjoy reliving the moments of beauty and happiness from Rachel and Brandy’s wedding sort of passed in other ways. Today, I want to officially welcome Brandy to the family, and tell him how pleased we are that Rachel has found such a kind and Godly man with whom to walk through life!

We don’t have the photos from the photographer yet, so these are just some glimpses of the day, from my sister Pam’s camera:

Rachel and friends, putting together the flowers for on the tables.
Russell and friends, stringing the lights.

Rachel and sister Kirstin, making the bridal bouquet, while Brandy “supervises.” LOL

Keeping the cake cool until the reception, with no AC.

Setting up for the ceremony.
The venue: Fort of San Cristobal, Gracias Lempira

Setting up for the reception

View from the fort . . . see the overcast skies, which cooled us and did NOT ruin the outdoor reception!

Another view from the fort.

Some of the family – international visitors and local family members
The lovely cake – created by my sister, Pam Llewellyn
Brandy surprised us by showing up in uniform – it was a VERY WELL RECEIVED surprise!!!

Our lovely and very poised flower girl

Pam videotaped the actual ceremony, so the only still shot of the ceremony I have right now is this one.

Rachel and Brandy, greeting everyone after the ceremony . . . but they actually only have eyes for each other!

All set to start the reception
The morning of the wedding, Rachel realized she hadn’t thought to get a knife and cake server. I knew where my box of wedding memorabilia was, and so we grabbed the set from Allen’s and my wedding, pulled off the yellowed ribbons and put on fresh ones – good to go!
Serving up the food. We had the meal catered by a local hotel.

The now-famous photo of Ben, seen all over the WORLD with the prayer request during the kidnapping.

The wedding party – between shots by the photographer
Brandy, with his mother and his groomsmen (my son Christopher, and a military friend, Obando)

The photographer, guests watching the formal photos being taken

My husband Allen, son Christopher, and daughter Kirstin

Me, with guests

My newly extended family!