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In Part 1, you saw the first beam of the Las Flores bridge raised into position. In Part 2, you’ll see glimpses of the process as the 2nd through 7th beams are raised.

Hoist that beam! This is the second beam going up, in the shadow of the old bridge.

A Catholic procession, with more than a hundred people, crosses the old cable bridge.

Boys swim while watching the progress on the bridge.

Setting the fifth beam into place

In this photo, you can see the bulldozer moving the path of the river water. The water flowed over on the far left side, as work was done with the cranes in the middle and on the right side. The bulldozer will create a channel for the water to go under the center of the bridge, and will create a dry, level spot for the cranes to set up under the left side of the bridge.

Here the water is starting to flow through the center part of the bridge, as the 6th beam is raised over on the right.
Setting up to move the 7th beam

Putting the 7th beam into place

Stay tuned for the next installment!