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I know you’ve been waiting for them (you especially, Jane, LOL) . . . and here they are: the pictures from the work of putting the concrete beams up on the bridge in Las Flores!

These photos are from the first day, and the very very start of the second day, because the crane operators wouldn’t stay late and get the first beam up the first day, but insisted on waiting for morning. You can imagine how frustrating that was for Allen!

One of the cranes fording the river upon arrival

Russell hitching a ride across the river

Setting up, with the old hammock bridge in the background

Russell supervising the moving of the squared logs, used to hold the concrete beams up off the ground
Here goes the beam, headed toward the bridge . . .

The cranes don’t roll forward while holding the beams – they lift the beam, stretch out as far as possible, lower the beam (preferably without tipping over) . . . then they move into a new position and lift the beam again. Lots of slow, tedious bits of movement, lifting up and putting down, interspersed with planning and discussion related to the limitations of the cranes!

Readjusting. This whole process was not as smooth as it looks in these photos.
See the squared off log. These were moved around a bit, too.

Now the beam is up close to the bridge and ready to be lifted up!

Even this close to being in place, the beam had to be set down into a temporary location so that the cranes could be moved. Then the beam was lifted from this slot and moved over to where it belongs.

 . . . coming in for a landing . . .

There! First beam in place, and only eleven more to go!

There will be more pictures to come, of the completion of this phase of the work. I’ll get to them as I can . . . things are crazy busy here these days, what with the wedding planning, a team arriving tomorrow, etc.