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It’s 2013, and we’re starting the year off with a house full of boxes! Hallelujah, the annual container shipment has arrived and has been offloaded into our house/bodega. We’re down to pathways through the house, until we’ve finished organizing and compacting everything so that we have space to start the work of creating Christmas gifts for the pastors with whom we work and their families.

It’s fun work, but too much of it . . . by the time we’re done with the last gift, we’re ready to be done!

We received a gigantic donation of Spanish Christian books which we’ll be using as part of the gifts we distribute this year. We have so many books that we are actually giving each pastor enough to share with his congregation! Some are children’s books, most are for adult readers, and I’m certain the recipients will be thrilled to receive them. We also received (and also purchased with donated funds) enough soccer balls to include one in every gift. The soccer balls will be hugely appreciated, I promise you! Additionally, lots of practical items will be included in the gifts, like toiletries, kitchen items, wallets, purses, hats (a necessity in the tropics), etc.

I’ll try to take some pictures of the way the house looks right now, once I can dig through the piles to get to the camera, lol!