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We’ve had quite a string of days with heavily overcast skies – about 5 in a row now. It’s a bit like living inside a cloud. With this kind of weather we bring very little power in through our solar panels, and so we live a limited existence. In the evenings we can’t run any electronic items for entertainment, but that isn’t the worst of it. We can’t bake anything. We end up reducing the number of hours a day we run the freezer, and after several days of low power we’ve even had to unplug the refrigerator a few times. Ben isn’t able to do the part of his schoolwork that requires him to use the computer (he’s heartbroken about that, I’m sure), and I’m using the laptop computer for my work, instead of the desktop, to save on power that way.

Last night, I really wanted to follow the election results as they came in, but the amount of power stored in the batteries at the end of the day (I should say: at the end of what passes for daylight hours right now) was unusually low – in fact, it was about the amount we would normally have in the batteries in the morning before the sun rises, after using power out of the batteries all night. So, we unplugged everything in the house except the laptop computer and the internet modem, and sat around in the dark watching the results roll in.

According to the sketchy weather predictions we get here, we should expect this cloudy weather to continue through the beginning of next week. We’ll certainly be glad to see the sun again, when the clouds finally decide to give us a peek of it!