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We’ve been having some issues with not getting much water in our water tank recently. We made it through the dry season easily this year, but even though we know there’s plenty of water in the river, the amount making it through the pipes to our tank has been very small – barely enough for our basic needs.

Today is Sunday, the only day the guys take off from the bridge project, but they had already planned to use a few hours of their day off to find and fix the water intake problem. We were down to about 3′ of water in our tank.

Last night, however, Allen got up around midnight to use the bathroom, and he discovered that we had no water coming into the house at all. He went outside and found that the pipe which drains the water tank had been broken – almost certainly one of the cows stepped on an exposed section – and the tank was drained dry.

First thing this morning Allen and Gus repaired that broken line, and now Allen, Gus, Josiah, Boo and Ben are out on a mission to repair the water lines. They will follow the lines from the halfway point back to the river (from the halfway point to our tank the lines are all underground), looking for the problem which is causing our low water pressure situation.

Josiah is getting a good taste of mission field life in rustic rural conditions – last night we had limited water, limited power (due to the overcast weather conditions), and another major onslaught of swarming flying termites, all at the same time! I was attempting to cook dinner during the worst of the swarming, and unfortunately I was all prepped to fry potato patties on the griddle. It was the wrong meal to try to cook at that moment, as the bugs kept flying down and getting stuck in the wet, sticky, uncooked tops of the potato patties. What a mess!

Today should be a better day, right?