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It’s my birthday today – and it’s a big one. I’m fifty years old today. I’ve never been one to care whether or not people knew my age, and I always thought the “staying 29” thing was kind of dumb. Why tell people you’re younger than you are? Then you just end up looking old for your supposed age.

In spite of the fact that I’m not upset about turning fifty, I am rather grumpy today. (This is almost certainly related to the date of the month, so take my grumpiness for what it’s worth – mostly just a response to those ghastly hormones.) It does seem like turning fifty should be a cause for celebration, or at least an opportunity to have a special day, but that’s certainly not likely to be my experience.

My day, so far, has involved driving into town and spending two hours in the bank. It could have been worse, of course. (Even on my hormonal days I try to remain optimistic.) I could have had car trouble. I could have had to do all the shopping, as well as the banking, but instead Boo and Gus went into town with me and handled the shopping while I was stuck in the bank (for two hours).

Sooo, I guess I’ll just try to get over my bad attitude. Besides, Rachel is making a pan of fudge for me, instead of a birthday cake. It’s hard to stay grumpy, even on a hormonal day, when there’s chocolate fudge in the offing.