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My success with growing tomatoes has not been anything to brag about so far. I’ve tried heirloom seeds, locally purchased seeds, and regular hardware store packet seeds. I generally get nice looking plants, until they’re about 18″ high or so, and then things go downhill. I’ve gotten some tomatoes, but not enough to make up for the time and materials spent thus far.

However, we have a volunteer tomato plant growing in the garden right now, which is producing hundreds of tomatoes. I think this may be a naturally growing local plant, as we occasionally find these plants growing wild around the property. The catch is that these are teensy tiny, miniature tomatoes. I’ve neglected and abused this plant, the hornworms have taken a shot at it, it’s the dry season and I don’t make a point of watering it – but nothing seems to even slow it down. Boo brings in a bit more than a quart container of tomatoes from this one plant every day.

These tiny tomatoes taste like regular tomatoes, except that the proportion of skin to “insides” is high, and obviously skinning these tomatoes would be a ridiculous endeavor, so they’re not great for cooking or sauces.

They’re my one tomato-growing success, however, so I just thought I’d share that with you!