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Here’s the pig, just before . . .

The bull is looking on. Is that sympathy?

Things are a bit busy just now. I’ll post more pics in a bit.

9:45am update: Today is Allen’s one day off for the week. He’s trying to stay out of the butchering . . . so instead, he and Gus are making up some bookshelves! We had the lumber already sanded, just needs to be cut, nailed together, stained, and sealed. We need these bookcases to use them as a “wall” between Gus and Josiah, when they share Gus’ room, so they can each have some privacy, and a place to put things (um, like clothing, for instance).

Having carpentry going at the same time as butchering is keeping us on our toes. Of course, I still have my regular chores to keep up with (laundry and dishes), and I’m wanting to put out a nice lunch for the workers, so I have a couple of chickens roasting in the oven.

The butchering crew is working steadily on cleaning the hair off the pig’s skin. I’ll explain how they do this, with pictures, later.

2:15pm update: The butchering is done! I’ve got all the meat packaged, and it is either in the fridge or the freezer. Allen kept the liver, but we gave away the rest of the organ meat, the head, and the back.

I need a rest. Pictures will come after I’ve had some time off my feet!