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At the top of my blog is the title: Sowers4Pastors.

When I revamped the blog, I chose a font for the title. That font shows up on my laptop, but a different font appears when I view the blog on our desktop computer.

One font is a rather elegant cursive, the other is more like a typewriter font, but with a cartoonish look, and the letters aren’t lined up, so they look a bit messy.

The cartoonish one is the one I chose (somehow that’s more “me” than elegant handwriting), but now that I’m seeing a different font on each computer, I’m sort of wondering what everyone else is seeing at the top of the blog.

Thanks for your info – I appreciate it!


Johanna helpfully sent me a screen shot of what the title is supposed to look like:

From your comments, it appears that most of you are seeing the correct font – so that’s great news! Thanks so much for your help with this!