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Occasionally, on his “days off” Allen visits the sites of potential future bridge projects. The bridge above was photographed on one such scouting trip. At first glance, it doesn’t appear to be in such bad shape. There’s our Land Cruiser crossing it now!

Hmmmmm. Viewed from a different angle, one can clearly see that the bridge isn’t exactly level . . .

A closer look reveals a rather large crack developing between the near side of the bridge and the ground . . .

. . . and zooming in reveals even worse problems on the far side!

Yikes! Clearly, erosion is in the process of bringing this bridge crashing down!

This bridge isn’t scheduled for replacement at this time. Since people can still cross it, there are other river crossing which are considered higher priority. This bridge is on a rather heavily traveled road, so when the bridge does fall, the travel of about 30,000 people will be disrupted. The detour around this bridge would take about four hours of driving.