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First the story:

I gave Ben the keys to the girls’ bedroom, and told him to go through their room, to the back porch of the house, and give the cats food and water. I’ve learned a secret method for making this notorious dawdler hurry up a bit when doing chores . . . I start a timer, and I tell him that however much time is left on the timer when he returns, he can have for computer game time. Off he ran.

Fifteen minutes later he hadn’t returned, and this was odd – he’s been very fast about little chores like this, since I’ve started using my secret method. So, I went looking for him.

Ben was pretty upset, because he’d already done his chore and re-locked the girls’ bedroom, and he’d lost the keys! Had he left them inside the room, or were they out on the ground somewhere? He didn’t know.

Luckily, I have some spare keys, so I was able to open the bedroom door. Upon doing this, I saw that the deadbolt was locked, as well as the doorknob – which meant that the door had to have been locked from the outside, using the keys.

I sent Ben out to search around the outside of the house for those keys, and told him that he was on computer restriction until they were found. I had already looked around a bit, but I figured he’d know exactly where he’d been, and would hopefully do a good job of looking, in order to get future computer time.

A few minutes later he returned with the keys. He asked me “Were the cows up on the yard in front of the girls’ room when you were looking for the keys up there?” When I replied that they had been, he said, “That’s what I figured. I found the keys when I shooed them away. One of the cows was lying on top of them.”

You’ve always heard that you’ll find things in the last place you’d look, right? Have you checked under your cows lately?

Now the request:

I’m wondering if any of you would be willing to visit the home page of our official website,, and tell me if you find anything about it difficult to use, or unattractive, or if there’s anything else that you think should be changed. Once I start making changes to the site, I get attached to the work I’ve already done, and I’m not completely objective anymore.

Thanks for the help!