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This morning, as I was combing my hair, I found a bug. Then another bug. And I knew. Sigh. Head lice.

In the course of 11 years in Honduras, this isn’t our first bout with lice, but you never really get over the “yuck” factor. I’m pretty sure the kids picked up this infestation during some recent visits to the baby orphanage in Santa Rosa de Copan. Since we made those visits while Katy was still here, I now get to write an awkward email to her mom.

Sigh again.

Ben is getting all his hair cut off right now. That’s the easy method for dealing with lice in boy hair. The girls and I will have to get rid of our lice the hard way. I almost have the urge to take the clippers to myself . . . almost.

Now I’m off to write that email. Sigh.