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Allen says I need to post more frequent updates about the big bridge project. I am so far behind in my posting, compared to where they are with the project! In their mad race to finish the bridge before the end of dry season, the guys are pouring concrete twice every week. The pour days are long and stressful, and filled with hard physical labor, so this is a brutal pace!

The photo above, from the first pour, shows some of the guys throwing large stones into the trench during the pouring of the foundation.

The photos below are from the second pour. Now, instead of simply dumping the wet mixture into the trench, they have to pour it between the wall panels, which you can see just sticking up out of the hole.

The wall panels are held in place by straps which connect them across the void. The straps we have on hand are too short for the width of the walls, so Russell is welding them into longer straps. He’s working here inside of the bodega the municipal government put up near the construction site, for use during this project.

More bridge pictures to some soon . . . I promise!