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The weather has not been ideal for the collection of solar energy recently. This, among other things, has delayed the promised pictures of our new little piggy. But, finally, here she is:

Tentatively named “Miss Mouse,” she’s a rather shy creature. At the moment she lives in a blockaded portion of the back porch of the team house. Here she is, shyly hiding (as much as she can) in a corner of her enclosure:

You can’t really tell her size in these pics, but she’s a bit less than 2′ long. She can sure make a lot of noise for her size, though!

Now, for puppy pictures! Pepper gave us 10 Rottweiler pups – six boys and four girls. They all look alike, so Boo just took pictures of one puppy.

See Bunny watching over the situation with worried eyes? Bunny’s part hound, so she always looks a bit sad and worried. In addition to a mother dog, these pups have two auntie dogs keeping all harm from them.

Here’s Auntie Bubbles, sticking her nose into the picture taking business. Bubbles really wishes these were her pups. I believe if she could, she’d take them away from Pepper and keep them for herself.

Thanks for waiting so patiently for these pictures. It’s a bit sunnier today, so hopefully this patch of particularly overcast weather is almost behind us. But, December and January are the worst months of the year for sunshine, so we’ll be keeping our expectations low for a bit.