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Hey all! The skies have been especially overcast yesterday and today, so I wasn’t able to use the computer to get the piggy pics (and also pics of our Rottweiler puppies) off the camera yesterday. I did write the following, but didn’t post it, figuring I’d put it up when I had the photos to go with it.

The power level is a bit better today, but this morning Allen took the camera to work with him, and the pictures are still in the camera. So, I’m going to go ahead and post what I wrote yesterday, and I’ll put up the pictures when that becomes possible!

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Our new little piggy arrived last night. She’s pretty scared and not very nice to deal with at the moment – hopefully that will change when she gets used to her new home. Allen is talking about getting a few more pigs, so we’ll be needing to construct some significant housing. I’m not sure when or how that will happen, as Allen and Russell are crazy busy with the current bridge project – but with one pig already on site, I guess pig housing will have to be a priority.

In other news, our female Rottweiler, Pepper, just produced ten puppies late last week. This time we were able to keep our lab mix away from Pepper during her heat, so all of these pups are Rotties. We already have homes lined up for a few of them. For now, Pepper and pups live on the floor at the foot of my bed, but they’ll need an enclosure soon. It’s amazing how quickly puppies become mobile!

Bunny, our lab mix, is currently in heat, so she and Kody (the other lab mix) are making plans for the next batch of puppies. The male Rottweiler, Commando, would like to take part in this process, but so far we’ve been able to avoid that. Commando is a pathetic, whiny mess right now, and we’ll all be glad when Bunny’s heat is over and things can go back to “normal” around here . . . at least until she (hopefully) has her pups in nine weeks.

I’m glad to report that all three of our females seem to love puppies. The two which don’t have puppies just now (Bunny and Bubbles) keep looking covetously at Pepper’s babies, and even occasionally babysit when Pepper takes a break, using that opportunity to get in a few surreptitious licks. In spite of all this puppy love, the moms have been great about letting us handle their babies – although with Bubbles, we couldn’t let anyone but family members into the house for about a month, for fear she’d attack them to keep them from her pups.

That’s all for now. Pictures to follow before too long, I hope!