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Well I had some fun this morning! In order to understand this story, and the odds against it happening, you’ll need a bit of context. You’ll need to know that I’m the ultimate homebody. I really just love staying around my home. I do head into town once a week for groceries, but then I head right back home again – no hanging around in town for me.

Today I had to run some errands – things that absolutely had to happen today – and I didn’t have a car. Our friend Kevin, of the Goodwin family of missionaries, was very gracious about driving out to pick me up and take me into town, and then driving me all the way back home a few hours later.

So, I was afoot in town, for really probably the first time since I started driving last year. It was nice. I think I’d forgotten how pleasant it is to walk about in town. I’m not likely to drive in just for that, but I did enjoy it today.

I made a stop at a little restaurant that sells rotissarie chicken, to pick up a rare treat to take home with me, and I ran into a visiting couple, Sonny and Kay, from Texas. We started into the regular conversation we tend to have with visitors (it’s almost always interesting to find out how and why someone has wandered into this out-of-the-way corner of the world), when they asked me my name. After I told them my name, they excitedly explained that they’d been trying to contact me. Turns out they’re regular readers of this blog! I’m not sure why I haven’t received their emails, and they didn’t have my phone number, but I just happened by where they were having lunch, and so we met!

We had such fun, exchanging stories! I immediately abandoned Christopher (he was at home, expecting me to come straight back with bread, so he could make sandwiches for the guys who work for us on our property – I told him to make up some boxed mac and cheese instead), and I settled in for some serious chatting! Sonny and Kay are actually living on a sailboat, and right now their boat is docked in La Ceiba while they jaunt about in the mountains for a bit. We used to meet up with sailboaters when we lived on Guanaja, but it’s pretty uncommon to bump into them up here in Gracias! They have a blog of their own, which I’ve just had a chance to check out a bit – it looks like a fun read, with lots of lovely pictures. They keep it updated, so they already have pictures up from Gracias and the surrounding area. This page has the most recent entries. I’ll be keeping an eye on it, to see if they write something about me, LOL.

Eventually I did have to finish my errands and head home, but I’m thinking we’ll have to make sure to spend some more time with these folks before they return to the ocean – they’re great people.

Oh, and did we have cameras there? Yes I’m pretty sure we did. Did we think to take pictures of our fun encounter? Ummmm, well, ummmmm. Maybe we’ll do better next time we meet up.