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Do you remember those dead-looking sticks I received last month, when I wanted to propagate some of the local berry bushes for use on our property? In case you don’t remember, here’s what they looked like upon arrival at my house:

Though these sticks did not appear promising, we stuck them into buckets of soil, and have been tending them faithfully. Two of the sticks, which had obviously been harvested with a bit of root attached, started to sprout new growth fairly quickly. Here’s what they look like now:

The remaining sticks still just look like sticks stuck in soil, but we haven’t given up on them. Under the dirt, we hope there are roots forming. One of the rootless sticks has given us a bit of hope:

I’m excited about how this is working out! I’ve purchased seeds to try to start berry plants, but starting from local cuttings – plants that I know can live and produce in our climate – gives me a much greater chance of ultimate success.