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A blog about bridges and bridge building, called recently featured our bridge project in Mongual on their site. Here’s the link.

It’s nice to get some recognition for your work, from someone who knows about the technical side of it. Thanks for your kind words, Tallbridgeguy!

Being a bit on the silly side myself, I’m amused by the name, Tallbridgeguy. I assume the creator of the blog is a tall guy, although the name could refer to tall bridges, I suppose. The Sowers family consists of a rather short and stocky group of people (the stocky part makes us look even shorter than we are), and we joke around about our stature quite a bit. The indigenous people in this part of Honduras don’t tend to grow very tall (we believe poor nutrition is a factor in this), so a favorite joke in our family is that we work in this particular place so that we can perceive of ourselves as tall. It works, too . . . see:

Allen is 5’8″, by the way. I don’t know the height of the pastor in the photo.

I wonder if I can get away with calling Allen “Shortbridgeguy”, in the future. Nah, probably not a good plan. LOL.