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Well, if you have heard about it, it wasn’t from me that you heard. I’m up here on our mountain, having some quiet, overcast days. We’re not having much rain at all – less than the previous few weeks. It has been windier than usual, but nothing close to being dangerous. It has been cooler, so we’ve put on sweaters and pulled out some extra blankets for the beds. But really, nothing worth mentioning, in the way of weather, is happening up here.

A few days ago, I heard on the news that several Central American countries, including Honduras, have been having significant flooding and some mudslides, and there have been the attendant damage and deaths which accompany these events. That was the first I’d heard that anything out-of-the-ordinary was going on.

Yesterday I was in town, doing some shopping and banking, and we saw several troop transport trucks rolling in. Russell mentioned that the president of the congress, Juan Orlando, was in town (or soon to arrive in town), as he was planning to visit some of the flooding-affected areas in our part of the country. It was news to me that there was any flooding in our part of Honduras. I’m just blissfully ignorant up here on our little mountain, I guess.

Last night I read, on a blog I follow, about significant flooding and damage on the north coast of Honduras. Here’s Patty’s blog post, with lots of pictures of the weather-related damage, and the flooding.

So, now I’m in the know, and I’m sharing the depths of my knowledge with you. Bad weather is happening, apparently all around us, and the only way it has affected the Sowers family is that we aren’t getting enough sun each day to power everything we need (and/or want) to run, so we’re having to supplement our power supply by using the generator occasionally.

Our prayers are with those who are suffering from this weather event.