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I know how the news works – stories about the good things that happen aren’t generally considered news. Bad things, like murders, weather disasters, scandals, etc are always news. So, it pretty much goes without saying that when there are stories in the international news about Honduras, it won’t be anything to brag about.

So, here we are, in the news.

The United Nations put out a report, ranking the countries of the world by their homicide rate, related to the size of the population. Guess who “won” top billing? Yep, Honduras. Read about it here. (That link, by the way, isn’t to an international news source, but the story is out on those sites, as well.)

La Gringa’s Blogicito has an article today on this topic, explaining – among other things – how the number of murders happening in Honduras is certainly significantly under-reported. That’s not exactly reassuring. Here’s her report.

And, on Friday, a group of men were killed, execution style, in the parking lot of the largest and busiest airport in Honduras – the one we happen to use whenever we travel. Several bystanders were apparently injured, as stray shots entered the main waiting area of the airport. Here’s the CNN article about that event, which is significantly lacking in details. The Honduras News website article(in English) has lots more info.

For those of you who worry about us personally, we’re still comparatively safe up here in our rural, mountainous home. Crime is increasing here, as well, but isn’t to the levels of the big cities. Of course, we do have to travel to the cities fairly frequently, so we are exposed to this higher level of danger at times. Prayers for our safety would always be appreciated.