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I recently posted some pictures, about the beginning of the current bridge construction project. With today’s post, you’ll get an idea of how old those photos really were – just look at how much progress has been made! In the photo above, you can see one of the bridge towers already completed on the far side of the river, while closer up you can see the second tower under construction. The concrete pour of the second tower was completed this week, and the concrete is currently curing. The next time the men head out there, they’ll be removing the panels which formed up the tower for the concrete.

Some views from the work:

Off the edge of the photo at the top of this post, to the right, was where the men mixed concrete on the ground, and loaded up buckets.

Buckets are carried from the mixing location, over to where the tower is being poured.

Buckets full of concrete are handed up the scaffolding, from man to man, until they reach the top. Russell oversees the pouring of the concrete. If the concrete isn’t poured in correctly, the wall panels could blow out, the rebar (metal bars which add support from inside the concrete) can be pushed out of place, and other bad things can happen.

This week, the men are working on the water project in Mongual, and Allen took the camera along today, so there might be an update on that soon. Meanwhile, today is the 8th of September – so if you’re planning to take part in the Gifts for Gracias Christmas Project . . . and I sincerely hope that you are planning to take part . . . you need to get rolling on this! The last day to mail is October 1st, remember! I’d love to get some feedback, from people who have already sent gifts, or those who are planning to. It’s hard for me to gauge how the collection is progressing, from down here in Honduras! Thanks!