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Allen and Russell have several construction projects going right now. That works out well for them, because the communities where these projects are located are responsible for gathering the materials for the projects, and sometime the construction work progresses faster than the communities can get the materials on site. So Allen and Russell, and their crew, work at one site for a week, then work at the other site for a week, which gives each location time to get ready for their return.

One site is the newest bridge project, about which I’ve blogged once, here.

The other site is a water project for the community of El Mongual. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because we recently completed a bridge project there.

Here are some photos from the new water project:

You can see in this photo (and in the photo at the top of the post) that the workers cut into the slope of a hill, to make a level spot for the tank. This is Henri, part of our regular work crew.

Here’s Allen, working at the bricklaying.

This photo (click on the picture for a closer look) shows the number of people working. Members of the community help with the project on a rotating schedule. You also get to see the view! The water tank is set up high, of course, so that the water can flow down to the community by gravity.

Here’s a better picture of the view (I left this one big, so you can see more details if you click on it). You should be able to see some of the houses which will be served by this water project, and also some cliffs, over by the river.

Here’s the poured concrete floor of the tank. The pieces of metal sticking up in the center of the floor will provide structural support for a concrete column which will be constructed there, to eventually help hold up the roof of the tank.

And here’s the crew, packing up at the end of a long, hard, hot day’s work!

I have some photos of the construction at the bridge project that I haven’t yet posted, so watch for those soon.

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