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I mentioned previously that I was going to have a blog give-away. About a week ago, Kirstin returned to Florida, and she took the two prizes with her, so that she’ll be able to mail them out to the winners (I’ll have to limit participants to those who live in the US, for mailing reasons).

Tonight, I thought I’d give you a quick sneak-peak at the prizes! At the top of this post is the smaller of the two hand-carved wooden boxes I’m giving away. Wood carving is one of the most beautiful handcrafts of Honduras. The carved doors and furniture are amazing, but sadly those are two large for me to send out in the mail as a blog give-away. These cute boxes, though, are small enough for mailing, while still giving a nice taste of Honduran wood carving. The larger box is 8″ long, while the smaller is 6 3/4″ long, and they’re each about 5″ tall (the larger a bit more, and the smaller a bit less).

The picture below shows the larger of the two boxes, which includes a lock and key.

Watch for the details on how to participate in the give-away . . . coming soon!