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We’ve lived in Honduras for over ten years now, in two different locations. I have a lot of memories.

I can remember buying milk from a nearby ranch. A kid on a pony delivered the milk to our house, in cleaned out bleach bottles which had been tied to the saddle. I had to pasturize the milk myself – and I learned how to make cottage cheese.

I can remember having internet access only once each week, and that access was excruciatingly slow. In order for me to connect, we had to have good weather (a boat trip to the city was involved), the electricity and phone lines had to be working, and my in-country ISP had to be up-and-running. Too often one of those factors wouldn’t be in place, and I’d just have to try again another day.

I can remember when I couldn’t purchase any cheese, except for the local homemade (very salty!) cheese. No mozzarella, cheddar, or other such exotic varieties.

I can remember when fresh vegetables were only delivered to our town once a week. We’d have salad the first day, cooked veggies for a few more days, then we’d be back to canned (or home-frozen) until the next delivery.

I can remember purchasing meat (pork, beef, or fish, fresh butchered or caught that day) out of a wheelbarrow.

I am remembering all of this (and more) in contrast to my recent experience, when I found that I’d purchased (in the states) a digital camera but not a memory card to fit into it. Last week, when we went into Gracias for Lempira Day, I happened to see a digital camera store right across from the central park, so I dropped in and found that they had the exact memory card I needed! The price was quite reasonable, as well!