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This morning we’ve had quite a parade of helicopters flying over our property and landing in Gracias. It’s exciting (especially for David), as we generally see very little air traffic here – though most of what we do see is helicopters, since there’s no airstrip nearby.

After wondering for a moment about the reason for all the helicopter traffic, it hit me – last week when I was in town, one of the local hotel owners mentioned to me that the entire Honduran congress would be visiting Gracias for the holiday this week – Lempira Day!

Lempira Day is the biggest event of the year here in the city of Gracias (which is the capital of the department named after Lempira), so this holiday already draws large crowds, but having the congress come in for the event is unusual, for sure. It happens that the current head of the congress is the representative from this area, so that might just explain the reason for the field trip.

Some of our family will be heading in to the city for the festivities tomorrow, so we should have pictures to share (I’ve borrowed back our secondary camera from Russell). With these extra-special guests, we’re expecting that the city will put on an especially good show this year!

Oh, and in case you’ve not seen the previous posts with pictures from past Lempira Day parades, follow this link to see some of the fun! Also, here’s a link to my first post about Lempira Day, which explains what the holiday is all about.