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Allen and Russell spent three days this past week starting the foundation for another bridge project. This bridge will be a cable bridge that will be capable of handling small vehicle traffic (up to pickup trucks, I believe).

Here is a view of the bridge site, and the existing bridge, which is only able to carry foot traffic and motorcycles:

And below is a close-up of the current bridge. If you click on this photo, you can see the bridge in greater detail, and think about what it would be like to have to cross this bridge (or ford a river) to get to schools, stores, medical care, etc. – and much of the year the river can’t be forded!

We’re so glad to be able to bless the rural people of Lempira with these bridges, and I’d really like to thank those of you who help to make this possible – those who donate funds and who pray for our work, those who help acquire the cable and those who help with the loading of the annual shipping container. Thanks from us, and from the people of Lempira!