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First, I wanted to say that I really appreciate all the comments I’ve been receiving on the recent bridge construction posts. I figure my blog friends are being kind to me, after I whined recently about not getting comments on ministry subjects, so I wanted to let you know that I appreciate it!

Second, I took some pictures this evening, of a parasitic flower growing on a pine tree near my vegetable garden. I think it might be a wild orchid, but I don’t know for certain. Since my sister grows orchids in her kitchen in Maryland (with much effort, I’m sure), I thought perhaps she’d appreciate seeing the possible orchid that is growing here, without any human intervention. Here’s a closer shot:

Finally, I wanted to mention that we just noticed that a fairly large forest fire has started a few miles from here. Everything is extremely dry, because we’re months into the dry season, and it’s quite windy right now, so this has the potential to be a difficult fire to extinguish. We don’t believe this fire will endanger us on our property, but it appears (from here) to be close to the village of Villami, and also close to the national park on the mountain of Celaque. Please pray with us that this fire won’t become a major problem and danger for the community.