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I’ve been harvesting radishes for a few weeks now. They’re quick and easy, except when some unknown insect comes at night and eats all the leaves off the plants. I’ve learned that radishes have trouble growing tasty fat roots when they have only gnawed off bits of leaves remaining attached to them. This time the destruction didn’t come from leaf cutter ants – I recognize their work. I’m thinking the monster grasshoppers ate the radish leaves. But, as I had radishes planted in two different spots in the garden, some survived to show up on the blog, and in our dinner!

When I was pulling up radishes this afternoon, I came upon this mutant:

I wish the picture was better – I’m not so good at closeups with this camera. While in the ground, the radish had split in several directions. I’m thinking this was caused by the fact that we had a lot of rain for a few days earlier this week. I’ve been watering the radishes steadily, but I think the sudden influx of that much water just overwhelmed this radish, and it grew too fast for its skin. Anyway, that’s my guess.