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This morning we found maggots in one of our worm compost buckets. Lots of maggots. Up ’til now things have been working out great with our worms, as they quietly turn our kitchen scraps into compost . . . but the addition of maggots didn’t seem like a good thing, so I quickly pulled up a search engine (I like to use and typed in the words “worms” and “maggots.”

About the sixth entry down the page of matches was a blog post answering someone’s question as to what to do about an explosion of maggots in their worm bin!

In case you ever have this particular problem – and who really knows what the future holds – here’s the page with the info: The page also has – ahem – some lovely pictures, too (cough, cough, cough).

So now you know – you really can find anything on the internet!