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We had an ox cart come to deliver sacks of manure.

Then, while that cart was still unloading, we had another ox cart come to deliver more manure. It was an ox cart traffic jam!

The arrival of the third oxcart a few hours later didn’t seem newsworthy enough for a photo, but the fourth oxcart was so heavily loaded that we (Gus and I) thought you’d want to see it, so Gus got a picture of the cart. The entire family came along with this cart, walking on the way here, because they couldn’t possibly have gotten on, and probably riding back home again. They told us that they’re building a house, and they were delighted for the opportunity to earn some cash from just picking up and hauling manure. They sure were motivated!

I have to admit, though, I think the neighborhood now officially thinks we’re nuts. Oh well, they would’ve figured that out eventually.