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Something we believe very strongly about missions work is that, even after 20 years in Honduras, we are still foreigners and outsiders and will always have a difficult time effectively connecting with the local community. The best people for this job are the local pastors. One of our most important goals at Sowers4Pastors is empowering the local pastors to spread the Gospel and reach the lost in their own communities, as well as in neighboring communities. These pastors live and work in these villages, facing the same struggles and hardships as the people they minister to, making them more effective ambassadors for Christ. One of the struggles they face is lack of access to Biblical education, so we have responded to this need by facilitating a Bible training school.

Many of the pastors we work with only have a 6th grade education or less, and most do not have any seminary training beyond what we have managed to provide for them. We are extremely grateful to Clay Powell for his ongoing work in teaching these pastors.























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