Church Construction Projects

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Sowers4Pastors helps pastors and their congregations when it’s time for them to build a church building. Our policy is to help specifically with the cost of putting on the roof. Because most of the churches in the mountains are built of locally-made adobe bricks, there is very little cost to putting up walls. Once the church has the walls up, and have met our requirement that they pour a concrete band around the top of the adobe walls, we purchase the materials for their roof. With walls and a roof, the congregation can begin to use the building, even as they complete the construction.

We believe it is important that we not step in and give a congregation a church building as a gift. The process of raising the funds, donating the labor, and building it for themselves is an important part of process, ensuring that the church body has a level of ownership and a desire to finish and maintain the building. Additionally, we are able to help more churches, because we limit the amount of financial help we give to each congregation.














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