Bridge Construction Projects

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The mountainous and tropical country of Honduras has some specific infrastructure challenges. The steep slopes and heavy rains create situations where bridges are required, in order for people to access many parts of the mountains. Some locations, accessible by fording a river during dry season, are completely cut off during times when the water is high during the rainy season, unless a bridge is put into place.

The Sowers4Pastors ministry has built 21 bridges in Honduras, ranging from small pedestrian bridges to the huge concrete bridge spanning the Rio Mejocote. We also built one bridge in Haiti.

Generally, the bridge projects are done in cooperation with the local government, which provides the materials and unskilled labor. Sowers4Pastors provides the knowledge, design, engineering, skilled labor, tools and equipment.

For those who might be interested in helping with a bridge project, we host Bridge-in-a Week teams. Check out the video for more information:


Here are some photos of different bridges Sowers4Pastors has built over the years.












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