Meet the Staff in Honduras


Allen and Trish Sowers, along with their five children, began working in Honduras in 2001. Always searching for ways to make each donated dollar do the most it can for the Kingdom, the Sowers family has felt called to center their efforts on supporting and empowering the work of Honduran missionaries, evangelists, and pastors. All of the various ministry work they undertake focuses on this.

Providing Honduran pastors, missionaries, and evangelists with additional training; making it possible for them to purchase Bibles and Bible study materials at wholesale prices; helping them purchase reliable transportation for their ministry work; assisting them in their church construction projects; and giving them the resources to run a community-outreach feeding center (through our sponsorship and feeding programs) . . . all of these are ways we help these Honduran men and women of God reach their own people with the Good News!

Today, Allen and Trish are moving into support roles, while their oldest son, Russell, and his wife, Iris (who currently have three children) take charge of the ministry operations in Honduras. As a family, they are excitedly looking forward to serving God and the people of Honduras for another generation!








Kim and Jonathan Hall oversee the Manna4Lempira Sponsorship Program.

In December of 2018 they moved to Honduras to live full time.






Kelsea Babbitt is from Washington state and has been living in Honduras, working with the Sowers, since the beginning of 2018. She first visited Honduras in 2015 with an organization that drills wells and felt immediately drawn to the people and the country, so she began praying that God would give her an opportunity to return. Two years later, she was introduced to the Sowers and they invited her to come to Honduras to work alongside them in their various ministries. She accepted the invitation and moved there with an initial year-long commitment that quickly turned into three. Kelsea's time is split between helping Trish with the administrative side of the ministry and working with Russell to host short-term groups during our team season. Her heart is to serve Sowers4Pastors and the people of Honduras in any way possible. 








Kirstin Sowers is Allen and Trish's oldest child, and joined the ministry officially in January of 2020. After attending college and working as a nurse in the States for many years, she felt called to return to Honduras to serve. She prefers to handle paperwork and fill other behind-the-scenes needs, but also helps out with hosting teams and ministry work as needed.