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Russell and Iris

Iris, Russellito, and Russell Sowers

Iris, Russell Jr., and Russell

Russell and Iris Sowers with their young son, Russell Jr, live and work as missionaries in Western Honduras, with The Foundation for Missions.

As the son of Allen and Trish Sowers (also missionaries with Foundation For Missions) Russell has been living in Honduras since he was 11 years old. In 2008 he became a missionary himself, and in 2010 he married Iris. Iris is Honduran and has always lived in the area where they now minister together.

Russell and Iris work in partnership with Russell’s parents. With their unique abilities, being fluent in the local language and feeling at home in the culture, they have added a deeper dimension to their joint ministry efforts.

In conjunction with Allen and Trish, their primary goal is to assist and equip the indigenous Honduran pastors and Christian leaders who are evangelising the mountain people of Western Honduras, planting churches and discipling new believers.

Their secondary goal is to assist the people of Lempira with their serious physical needs including malnutrition, lack of infrastructure in the communities, and lack of adequate medical care.